Penna Piererra ... the story ...

I met Penna in 2007, when she was still known as "Lori Alexia." I was doing freelance web design and photo retouching and she contacted me about doing some work for her upcoming website. To make a long story short, within weeks we were spending hours on the phone talking. We became instant best friends. When she moved to Los Angeles later that year, we became like brother and sister.

Penna chose to leave the adult industry which had made her famous behind and focus on discovering and creating a new life for herself. She was good at almost everything she tried - music, dance, design, writing. She was simply a natural. She became fascinated with spirituality and metaphysics, studying everything from Buddhism to Quantum Mechanics. She launched a self-help site for women called "Inner Princess" which she wrote completely herself.

Penna always seemed bigger than life. If you spent time with her, it always seemed like she was six-feet tall. It was only when you saw her standing next to someone else that you realized she was only four-foot-eleven. But she dreamed big and she lived big. She knew celebrities and producers and recording stars all over the country.

As Penna, she embraced everything "Princess" - that was her transformation: from bad-ass chick to The Ultimate Princess. Those who got to know Penna during this period often called her that as a term of endearment. When she arrived at a party, it was never: "Penna is here" - it was: "The Princess has arrived!"

At the end of 2010 she traveled back to the East coast to resume her music career. She had spent six months taking vocal lessons to get her singing voice back, and she had written enough songs to fill two complete CD albums. That was how fast she worked once she set her mind on something.

But things didn't work out this time. She fell in with the wrong person when she moved to New York and the man she was living with shot and killed her when they got into an argument on September 19th, 2011 in Brooklyn.

Even now, weeks after it happened, I cannot quite grasp it. She always seemed invincible. Nothing could stop her. Every time my phone chimes for an incoming text message, I expect it to be from her - telling me about something she saw in a store, or some new song she was writing, or just to tell me something that happened during her day.

I put this site together as a tribute to, and in memory of, the woman who was my best friend.

My little sister.

Farewell, Princess.

    —M  /  8 October, 2011